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Easter Holiday Notice  









French Registration Form 


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2020 -2021 Marilake Academy  Registration Form 


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All parents and Marilake teachers are expected to work together to help all the children succeed in school, and wish them a bright future.

It's good for parents to keep a relationship with their children that is open, respectful, positive, and set up some basic ground rules and expectations for their online classes. Children learn to be self-disciplined. maintain good manners, always listen attentively, and respect their parents, teachers, and classmates.


There are countless distractions while learning at home. Provide a home environment that promotes learning. Find a private and quiet space for the child to log on to class meeting, free from distraction.


Students dress appropriately as they would in school.


Parents prepare their children ready to learn.


Parents/students must verify and ensure that their equipment and setup of email address, computer, tablet or mobile device, video, audio (speaker and microphone) and internet are working ahead of time.


Video needs to remain on to promote focus. Eye contact should be maintained. Refrain from chewing gum, eating or drinking in front of the camera. Remember this is a class, so treat it as such. Try to stay on task and engaged in virtual environments. Mute the microphone when others are talking, don't purposely distract others, don't talk over others, don't be inappropriate, and above all, be kind and respectful.


Younger students under age of 10 should be supervised by parents or caregiver. To be fair to other students, all guardians will not over-talk, interrupt, or disturb the class. Only reasonable questions are allowed.


The online session may pause and stop due to an internet issue or technical issue, students should be patient and stand by, to wait for the sessions to resume.


Parents teach organization skills, let their children develop an effective approach to get the work done on time.


Students get all supplies ready to complete the task, treat homework as a priority, put homework paper in the right folder/binder, and stay focused on tasks. Parents teach them study skills and support the teachers' homework expectations.


Parents expect their children to do their best, so that the children will be proud of what they can accomplish.


When parents provide a suitable home environment that promote concentrated learning, then their child will have a greater chance of becoming the best student he or she can be.



Zoom Class: Rules, Terms and Conditions  


Dear Parents/Guardians,


In mid-August this year, the daily number of new infections dropped to two digits in Ontario. Since then, the daily case count has steadily crept back up, Ontario health official logged 401 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, Sept. 18th; 293 cases on Thursday, Sept. 17th; 315 new cases on Wednesday, Sept. 16th; 251 new cases on Tuesday, Sept. 15th; and 313 new cases on Monday, Sept. 14th.


On Friday, Sept. 18th, Toronto reported 130 new cases.


From Sept. 12th, a lot of Marilake teachers had already started teaching online classes for their students. All the other teachers who needed more time to prepare the lessons for the younger students will start teaching online from Sept. 19th.


A lot of students' registration forms have no email addresses. The hard working teachers have taken a lot of time trying to contact all the parents for their updated email addresses, in order to send homework to students and to teach online classes.


Online classes will be available in the new school year of 2020-2021, which will start from Nov. 21st this year until next year in July. New registration forms will be sent to all the parents by email. Please register by late October this year.


If you have any questions, please send email to


If you don't want your children to join the online classes, the school office will send new homework to you by email upon request. Please tell us your children's names, school subjects, levels, room number, and school hours.


Please visit the school's web-site: for updated school notice.


Wishing you and your family staying safe, healthy, and happy!


Best regards,


Marilake Education Centre


Dear Parents / Guardians,


On August 25, 2020, TDSB has sent a message that all the Toronto school buildings are temporary not available for use on the weekend. We are not able to go back to Agincurt C. I. until end of December.


For the new school year of 2020-2021, we can offer online classes from November this year, and then go back to Agincourt C. I. for in-class lessons, when the school buildings is available from January, 2021. Please register by email at the end of October.


All the current Marilake teachers are preparing to teach online for the ten lessons that your child has missed after the March Break Holiday. The teachers will contact all the parents in order to obtain the most updated email addresses for sending the homework copies to your child. It would take a lot of time to reach all the parents, please be patient.


If you have any questions, please send email to


If you want the school office to send any new homework to you by email, please tell us your children's names, school subjects, levels, room number, and school hours.


Wishing you and your family staying safe, healthy, and happy!


Best regards,


Marilake Education Centre



Dear Parents / Guardians,


Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 across Ontario, the Provincial Government has declared a State of Emergency in the City of Toronto since the middle of March, 2020.


The school office at 3030 Midland Ave. has closed with no staff working there since March 14th. Office reopening is still yet unknown.


On June 2, 2020, Ontario premier had extended all emergency orders, including ban on social gatherings of more than 5 people. On June 8, the premier had doubled the social gathering limit up to 10 people as of Friday, June 12, for the entire province.


On June 17, Ontario government had extended all emergency orders, which includes restrictions on social gathering, until June 30.


On June 24, Ontario premier had again extended all emergency orders, which includes 2 metres of social distancing, until July 15.


On June 27, the premier made amendment to have the emergency orders to be extended to July 10th.


On July 8, the emergency orders had been extended to July 24th.


On July 16, the emergency orders have been extended again to July 29, 2020.


On June 24th, Toronto had been able to enter Stage 2 reopening.


On July 29th, the Public Health Centre recorded a significant low number of daily new cases in Ontario.


On July 31st, Toronto had entered Stage 3 of reopening.


On August 11, Toronto does not have any new cases. Ontario reports the lowest number since March.


We are planning to reopen all the Saturday classes at Agincourt Collegiate Institute on Sept. 19th. All the teachers will continue to teach and finish all the left over lessons of this school year until November 14th, before moving on to the new school year 2020-2021 from November 21, 2020 until early summer in 2021.


Before the school reopens in September, please ask your children to practise hand hygiene, tell them not touch their face, eyes, nose, or mouth, how to put on the mask safely, to practise physical distancing, and to greet others with a smile, bow, or a wave.


When the school reopens, all schedules will stay the same. Multiple strategies will be employed to ensure that the school is 'healthy and safe environments' for students, teachers, and staff.


Students should stay home if not feeling well, even if their symptoms are mild.


All parents, guardians, or caregivers should wear masks when sending their children to school and have to stay outside the school buildings while their children enter the school entrances, and also when their children exist the buildings after school. Please give them a listing of their room numbers on a piece of paper, so that they know which classrooms they should go to.


If any parents need to enter the school buildings, they have to pre-register by sending email to the school office during the weekdays, a few days before Saturday.


If you want to receive any new homework by email, please tell us your children's names, school subjects, levels, room number, and school hours.


Wishing you and your family staying safe, healthy, and happy!


Hoping to see your children back in class soon.


Best regards,


Marilake Education Centre




Canada Day 



Family Day at ROM 2019




Invitation: OMNI CNY Special Audience



Dear Parents and Students,

You are cordially invited to be the audience of the Chinese New Year celebrations at the downtown OMNI studio. It will be taping the show on Saturday Jan 19th, with Mandarin at 10am and Cantonese at 2pm. Parents need to sign a waiver before the show as all of you will be on-camera as part of the live audience.

 Here is a link of the t.v. show last year for your reference:

Mandarin: 10am-1pm the latest

 Cantonese: 2pm 5pm the latest

Location: 33 Dundas Street East, Toronto (right by Yonge-Dundas Square, and subway station)


Group Photo with Prime Minister  

Group Photo with The Right-Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2018


Canada 150 Medal 


150th Canada Day 

Photo with Mayor and Councillor 


Photo with Mayor John Tory and City Councillor Chin Lee celebrating Lunar New Year at Scarborough Civic Centre on Feb. 17, 2018


President of CNE Association with Principal Chow 



Prime Minister Steven Harper with Principal Chow (March, 2015 at CCCGT.) 


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